Straight Guy Getting Sucked Off By Three Gays In Dorm

Hi guys sorry I haven’t been updating my blog for the last two days I was kinda busy with finals at school. I think I did alright on the exam lol.

I was browsing the web last night looking for straight college guys and found this hot pics from   This site is for us who like straight college guys. It’s new and has only been around for a couple of months and the guys are hot.

One of my favorite straight  guy at Dickdorm is  the guy on the first picture (3rd from the left). The one with the gray shorts. He might freakin hot. I’d give him $1000 dollars just to suck him off :). The curly hair I’m not sure but he looks straight.  The one with a cap and the one with tats on the back are definetly gay.

I’ll try to post more pics of the straight guy in gray shorts and I’ll post them here on my next update.

Check out some free dickdorm video here.

(6/4/2010) UPDATE:There is  ONE straight guy in this video not two (the one with brown shorts of course). His name is Jesse. God  I would give him anything for a head. 🙂


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