Gay Kiss Drunk Straight Guy

A gay guy trying to make out with a drunk straight guy. These scene if from a movie called “Rules of Attraction” came out in 2002. Obviously this guy needs to learn how to get a straight guy in bed. Number one rules in getting laid by a straight guy is NEVER, NEVER, NEVER try to kiss him drunk or not. If I were him I would have put on a straight porn or bust out my playboy magazine and try to masturbate with him. Once he’s horny enough right about in the middle of the straight movie then ask him to jerk it off for him or give him a blowjob. Never try to kiss a straight guy is my number one rules of attraction.


  1. tre says:

    so true. never kiss a straight guy. what the fuck is this guy doing trying to seduce him? he’s straight he’s not going to kiss you. go kiss a queen or something! i gotta see this movie.

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